Why won't doctors often acknowledge or treat Lyme Disease?

For me, the initial frontline response would have to be that there is a huge amount of willful ignorance on the part of corporations as a whole AND on the smaller, but just as detrimental level of family doctors who refuse to educate themselves and open their eyes to the reality all around them! 


The ELISA test that is currently used most in Canada for diagnosing Lyme, is more often than not, NEGATIVE, on the strict basis required for it to show up as a positive. So therefore, any number of people walk around, or rot in their beds thinking that have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, MS, ALS, Fybromialgia, etc. when they actually have contracted a live infection that will only get worse left untreated. 


The men who write the guidelines for infectious diseases have close ties with the share in profits. Their motives for how and what they write for the guidelines for diagnostics, treatment, etc. are motivated by more than just their hypocritical oath or their high levels of education. 


Since Lyme truly is such a politicized illness on several levels, and there are others out there (journalists, doctors, nurses, mothers, etc.) who have dug deeper than I have, I urge you to seek sources like Connie Strausheim, Pamela Wientraub, Michael Christopher Carroll, etc. 


Please read: Cure Unknown, Lab 257, The Lyme Disease Survival Guide, Insights into Lyme Disease Treatment, and others like this! Change is happening across North America (places like Germany are well ahead of us in this regard), but it is slow and people continue to suffer in the meantime.