How did Christa get Lyme Disease & Co-Infections?

Being the adventurous girl that I am, perhaps it was only a matter of time before I was bit by an infection-carrying vector, be it around home in this beautiful province of British Columbia or overseas. 


There are a number of occasions in which the likelihood of my initial bite are more probable, but truly, it could have happened several different times.  However, the onset of symptoms began in late March of 2007, when I was attending the fantastic Capernwray Bible College in the midst of breathtakingly beautiful, sheep-filled paddocks of Cambridge, New Zealand. 


Symptoms presented themselves in the form of flu-like issues, along with a constant, terrible pain in my head, covering my face and neck. I was dangerously dizzy and fainted often. I had no appetite and was for the first six months, crippled by such an overwhelming fatigue. My young body, which was accustomed to running about 8km every other day, as well as doing core work-out and stretches, became partially paralyzed and I experienced numbness in my limbs about once or twice a week...