How were your medical bills covered? 

They weren't. 


Everything was paid for OUT OF POCKET. In our case specifically,  the cost ran higher than $320,000, not including loss of income on Justin's part as a Journeyman Carpenter and Realtor and the loss of Christa's income as a Certified Educational Assistant. 


But we are so thankful that many of our immediate and extended relations were able to support us once our savings quickly ran out after we were married. Other families are not as fortunate in this way. 


We know people who had to sell their home and are trying to work extra jobs at all hours to put basic food on the table and cover the cost of theirs or their wife's, child's etc. minimal treatment, when in actuality, they require expensive IV ABX (antibiotics) and pricey naturally alternative options to reach the place where they can function healthy again! 


It is a crime that countless people in our own country of Canada suffer needlessly at the LACK of mercy at the hands of "the government" and other man-led corporations. We know people who had to choose between college or treatment, food or treatment, etc.